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Xerx / Superbia (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

Nord / Invidia (CV: Kishio Daisuke)

Niko / Ira (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Kiril / Acedia (CV: Nojima Kenji)

Menas / Avaritia (CV: Nakai Kazuya)

Harry / Gula (CV: Kaji Yuuki)

Chloe / Luxuria (CV: Kaida Yuki)
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 "Anyone who commits any of the seven sins will fall into Hell."

This is a legendary tale of the Tudor Kingdom, that has strict laws set in place. The country promises eternal prosperity and is a Utopia, called 'Heaven on Earth', being surrounded by lush greenery.

You are the princess of this country and is living without want but one day, you are led by a strange bird into a forbidden tower which you have been told never to enter.

There, you meet the 'Seven Wing Knights', seven beautiful knights who once played a large part in the thousand-year war. For you, who have accidentally undone their seals, you are now exposed to seven seductions that you have never experienced before...

What will happen on the day of tears, the day of Lacrimosa?

"You are going to be my wife. That is your fate."

Superbia (Pride)

CV: Midorikawa Hikaru

Name: Xerx / Zeks (ゼクス zekusu)
Age: 23 years
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Group: B
Birthday: 6/26

One of the Knights in the war, he had immeasurable charisma and is the master of the sword.
Coming from a poor noble family has spurned his appetite for ambitions.
He is brothers with Nord and was sealed despite being the center of the Knights because the King feared his powers.

One of the Seven Knights of Tudor Kingdom.
"But it can't be helped. I love you so much that I want to kill you."

Invidia (Envy)

CV: Kishio Daisuke

Name: Nord / Nold (ノルド norudo)
Age: 25 years
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Group: AB
Birthday: 7/24

He loves fruits but hates traitors and was the tactician in the war.
His intelligence was said to be more than the strength of a thousand soldiers.
Being too intelligent, he holds an unapproachable air and not many want to associate themselves with him.
He also has a cruel side that makes him do anything to get what he wats.

One of the Seven Knights of Tudor Kingdom.
"I shall blame you till you become tattered. That's what you want right?"

Ira (Wrath)

CV: Toriumi Kosuke

Name: Niko / Nico (ニコ niko)
Age: 24 years
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Group: O
Birthday: 5/8

The general who pulled the strings in the thousand year war.
His lion-like hair is his special feature and he turned hundreds of people into dust with his axe.
He is labelled the heaven.sent child of the God of War.
He quickly turns to violence in situations but also has a child-like side to him.

One of the Seven Knights of Tudor Kingdom.
"Disappear from my sight. I will not be merciful if you get in my way."

Acedia (Sloth)

CV: Nojima Kenji

Name: Kiril / Kyril (キリル kiriru)
Age: 22 years
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Blood Group: O
Birthday: 8/14

One of the Knights, he is a master of archery and killed many important figures in the war.
He appears to be always uninterested in things and is often seen sluggish.
He came to know classified information about the army and was charged with a crime he didn't commit and sealed.

One of the Seven Knights of Tudor Kingdom.
*laughing* "Give me everything. Your body, your money and also.....your soul."

Avaritia (Greed)

CV: Nakai Kazuya

Name: Menas (メナス menasu)
Age: 21 years
Heigh: 173 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood Group: B
Birthday: 9/9

One of the Knight who acheived much in the war and has the natural talent of theft.
At one glance he is just a beautiful man but he is extremely cruel with his words, and likes ramen but hates noisy people.
Having known too much, he was captured and sealed.

One of the Seven Knights of Tudor Kingdom.
"I'll eat even the bones. Don't you think it's a waste otherwise?"

Gula (Gluttony)

CV: Kaji Yuuki

Name: Harry (ハリィ harii)
Age: 22 years
Heigh: 175 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Group: A
Birthday: 7/14

A general who was born in a noble family, he provided rations to the country and was the link to survival.
He has a bright smile and a gentle demeanour but a hidden madness lies deep.
In reality, he oppressed the countrymen and colluded with the King then to fill his pockets.
Being charged with that crime, he was sealed.

One of the Seven Knights of Tudor Kingdom.
"Sure, I'll be happy to discipline you. In various things."

Luxuria (Lust)

CV: Kaida Yuki

Name: Chloe (クロエ kuroe)
Age: 20
Heigh: 168 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Blod Group: B
Birthday: 10/31

Favorite food: Living things, animals
Dislikes: Filthy things

One of the Knights born from a noble family who has a history of being the executioner of sinners, which also was his role in the war.
He killed many criminals under the orders of the King.
A witch who wears male clothes, it is unknown as to his real gender.
He was made use of by the sadistic King to fulfill his desires.
Afraid of being found out, the King imprisoned and sealed Chloe.

One of the Seven Knights of Tudor Kingdom.

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Since it's a new year and everything, I thought I'd made at least some resolutions for 2017. The one that I've been keeping this far is "write a drabble every day" though that's not saying much since it's only January the 2nd. And nine in the morning. I've written one thing today but it doesn't really fit into the drabble category - which I can't really get heads and tails of because some places says drabbles are exactly 100 words, others says they're around 1000. I'm gonna go with 1500 being the top word count I'll go for them, I've decided. They'll be posted here on my fanfic dreamwidth account and here on AO3.

Other than that, I've decided that I must rewatch Nobunaga the Fool and finish the fic for it that I started. I haven't written on it because I've been in need of a recap and I haven't rewatched it because I've been distracted. But I'll get around to it this year, definitely. I also want to finish my Meine Liebe fanfic Requiem and get a couple more of those smörgåsbord challenge prompts done.
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Before the new year goes on for any longer, I'm going to count the tags of my in-game muses. It's not very many this time around since I just dropped most of my games (though I'm intending to join new ones or refresh characters before playing them again), and insanejournal don't have a comment count thingy(?) as far as I know.

Azuma | Susanoh ~Sword of the Devil~ | [personal profile] sharpstring | 582
Juli Sieben | Senyuu. | [personal profile] dragonshift | 482
Jun "J" Kanzaki | Bloody Monday | [personal profile] sweetjoker | 1491-1213=278
Shu-Ten | Akatsuki no Yona | [personal profile] originalryokuryuu | 1183-149=1034

That's not a lot, specially when comparing to the amount of in-game muses I've had the previous two new years, but it also feels sort of refreshing so 乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ
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Because commissions are fun and it's nice to have it organized and prettily lined up and you should check them out as well. Click the image to see the full version and the name of the aritst to get to their stuff. If an image is NSFW, it's noted.

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I ship stuff. A lot of stuff. This will probably never be completely complete.
Particularly since I ship stuff way too easily and pick up a lot of new series.

This is all sorted in alphabetical order, first by canon, then by ship.
The first character in a ship is the one I prefer as the top in it.
I'm not terribly picky in those regards, though, switches are great.

My OTP in a canon is marked with an *asterisk.
If anything is in italics, it means that I have written fanfic(s) for that ship,
though not necessarily as a ship, it might be gen/platonic as well.
Those fics are possible to find on my AO3 and fic dw.

Crossover ships are at the bottom, because those also happen.

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I did this last new years so why not do it again. Only with my in-game muses.

Ao | Akatsuki no Yona | [personal profile] oldblue | 522
Badr | Magi: Adventures of Sinbad | [personal profile] adoringdaddy | 1'522 | 995=527
Dantalion | Makai Ouji | [personal profile] nephilimduke | 1'339 | 610=729
Eduard Markgraf | Meine Liebe | [personal profile] unehelichkind | 277 | 15=262
Hans Humpty | Rokka no Yuusha | [personal profile] catsblade | 318
J/Kanzaki Jun | Bloody Monday | [personal profile] sweetjoker + [personal profile] wisdomstar | 1'213+90 =1'303 | 143=1'160
Jinbee Tsukishima | Mushibugyou | [personal profile] imobouzu | 82
Kumou Baren | Rengoku ni Warau | [personal profile] oneeyedmischief | 1'623 | 780=843
Midou Hokuto | Countdown 7 Days | [personal profile] smokingspirit | 869 | 277=592
Mikan | Shugoku Elite | [personal profile] s003 | 87
Mu Alexius | Magi: Labyrinth of Magic | [personal profile] bardromh | 4'223 | 3'317=906
Razol | Magi: LoM[personal profile] rapscalliongirl | 1'666 | 639=1'027
Shihoudou | Samurai Deeper Kyo | [personal profile] makigumo | 1'079 | 56=1'023
Shu-Ten | Akatsuki no Yona | [personal profile] originalryokuryuu | 149
Takasu | Orenchi no Furo Jijou | [personal profile] octopot | 946 | 109=837
Vaiz | Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de | [personal profile] dragonbite | 307
Yukihina | Code:Breaker | [personal profile] coldiceflower + [personal profile] frozenlife | 3'966+80=3'046 | 2'831=215
Zed | Code:Breaker | [personal profile] zedthehero -> [personal profile] eiketsu + [personal profile] drunkdead | 1'093+807+70=1'970 | 1'362=608
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>>> ORDER HERE <<<

Anime DVDs: 15USD
Live action DVDs: 10USD

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>>> ORDER HERE <<<

Photo books: 10USD
Comics/Comic novels: 3USD
Magazines: 4USD
Books: 3USD
Fanbooks: 4USD
Novels: 3USD
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>>> ORDER HERE <<<

Price: 3USD unless otherwise stated

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>>> ORDER HERE <<<

Price: 5USD unless otherwise stated

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>>> ORDER HERE <<<

Price: 6USD unless otherwise stated.

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shipping excluded.
(I ship from Sweden)

Comes from a smokefree and currently catfree home.

Doujinshi | Manga (English) | Manga (Various) | Comics/Books/Magazines | CD/DVD

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These are just some notes for a Modern Magi AU that I'm writing. I'll probably compile information here, so I can easily find it when I need it. It will be kept up to date to the latest chapter. The collected information (ages, jobs, stuff like that) is collected in a gdoc over here. If there's anything else you think should be added to it, throw me a comment.

All five princesses above are named after Japanese emperors. The fanalis and the tiger have Persian names.

Rohroh's sister: Narda
Ponytail Fanalis: Asha
Tiger: Taraneh
Rabbits: Fluffy & Cinnamon

--1: Ren Kougen
--2: Ren Koukou
--3: Ren Kousho
--4: Ren Kouan
--5: Ren Kourei

Kouen's mother: Kaho
Kouha's mother: Ageha
Kougyoku's mother: Fukiko
Mu's mother: Marina
Mu's father: Jovian
Armakan's father: Senedj
Armakan's mother: Nauny
Takeruhiko's mother: Nene
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translation of Kuroha's profile from Iinuma-sensei's blog.


Alright, let's do this!

inside story = back perspective

When I first drew their profiles during summer,
she wore a one-piece (black) beach dress, but that changed since it's winter (laugh)
Since I gave her a poncho for normal-wear once,
she got the image of a mafia widow (laugh)

If they were mafia, they wouldn't be Kuroha ikkou, but Kuroha ikka.
They'd be a Real Family. Was what I thought when I drew the following picture.

At first, I couldn't decide if her true face would be that of a handsome youth or a beautiful woman
but then Saiha started to go dere over Kuroha all on his own, so I made her a beautiful woman.

Because of her past experiences, she hates those who are concerned with appearance.
Because of that, she, without realizing it, often wears unattractive and male disguises.

Chouza: Come to think of it, Saiha wasn't here yesterday!!

If a plan absolutely has to make use of seduction, she is not involved,
but there is no doubt that Saiha goes out using her name if it's necessary.

She hated her father, and changed both her surname and given name.

Uzume got his names from her.

So that they won't have to fight, she makes sure they gather a lot of people.
At first she only thought of Uzume and Chouza as tools,
but in the end she acknowledged them as comrades, and realized that they were her precious companions.

As they were unable to break away from their pasts, she sought the treasure,
but they failed and retired.
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translation of Saiha's profile on Iinuma-sensei's blog.




back perspective = inside story

He's a person who will do anything Kuroha says - good or bad - without giving it a second thought.

Among Kuroha's three followers, Saiha was the one who held her in highest esteem, and he lived thereafter.
He only truly takes care of Kuroha, and considers her supreme.

He thinks that everything that Kuroha says is just.
No matter what appearance Kuroha takes, he will not change his opinion about it.

He recieved his name from Kuroha, who told him that he could use the surname "Amai" as well.
However, it was too awe-inspiring to use the same surname as Kuroha, so he only use the given name he recieved.
"Saiha" represents his feelings that he will always be at Kuroha's side as her blade.

In the past, it was his appearance that got him locked up.
Within both the Kuroha group and the Utsuho group, he is the most beautiful.

When it came down to it, he could not fight because of his inability to use a blade.

In the end he died together with Kuroha,
but as something akin to her shield, he might have been happy to have been together with Kuroha until the very end.

He was drinking buddies with Chouza.

There are times when he scolded Uzume for his stupid behaviour.
(Kuroha says that it is better to raise Uzume to be carefree, and that he is growing that way, so he doesn't scold him for that.)

When Utsuho claimed responsibility for the disappearance at Utsuryo-jima, Saiha glared at him
because he was angry that "he'll get in Kuroha's way"

Since then, he truly hated Utsuho, and if Kuroha had been swayed by Uzume,
and they had allied with Utsuho, he still would have hated Utsuho.
He might have been the most troublesome out of all of them.

Something like that~
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Snatching another table from [livejournal.com profile] fc_smorgasbord before hitting the hay, this time the Lime Flavored one. A bit more prompts and I won't be in a rush. They will be posted on AO3 here. The links below lead to my fanfiction dreamwidth.

1.One Wild Night2.I'm the King/Queen of the Sheets3.Vampire Loving4.All About the Games You Play5.Blanket Hog
6.Reenacting My Favorite Fantasy7.Romantic Night8.A Little Quickie Behind the Doors9.No More Teasing, Baby10.Come to Me
11.Jezebel12.To Live Without, Is Death13.Nice and Rough, Or Gentle and Tender14.Play House15.Switching Roles
16.Can't Stop Watching You17.When the Lights Go Out, the Lovers Play18.Shake That Thing19.Impatient Nympho20.No Humor In My Tone
21.Phone Fun22.Intoxicated with Your Taste23.Dreams Do Come True When I Think Of You24.My Fairytale25.One More Time
26.There's Wicked Thoughts Behind your Eyes27.Under the Roses28.Memories of Love29.The Sound of your Breath on my Cheek30.Until There's Nothing Left of Us
31.Last Chance32.You Won't be Turned Away33.To Touch the Devil34.Virtue was not Convenient35.The Back of Your Hand
36.Graceful Ends37.Do you Ever Think You'd Rather be with Me Instead?38.You Got Lucky39.He Always Smiles40.Only to Deceive your Senses
41.Because It is my Name42.It's a Way of Expressing our Humanity43.I'm the Whore of Babylon44.The Chase is On45.Silken Threads of Fate
46.A Whisper, Sacred & Profound47.So I Could Find God Between your Legs Tonight48.Meet Me in the Back49.Think of All the Things your Hands Could Make50.Writer's Choice
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Something I did not expect to do: filling all ten prompts to the smörgåsbord I picked up early this morning.

But well, that happened, and I have a new little piece at AO3 called "Ten ways of love" where they're all posted. (Perhaps I should've made a table of contents there. Or in the summary? For easy naviagtion? But I'll do that later.

Anyway. There are only one drabble for each canon, so there are ten canons, and some canons, I even wrote for the very first time today. Some characters, I wrote for the first time today, too.

Well, I had fun, at the very least, but now I'm bloody exhausted.

But! Have a little list of the caonos/ships I wrote, in case you don't want to go through the entire thing to read the drabbles. You can just pick and chhose depending on your interests, after all.

So, without further ado!

1: Cafuné :: Meine Liebe :: Ed/Lui
2: Ya'aburnee :: Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De :: Tejirof/Bays
3: Saudade :: Harry Potter :: Remus/Severus
4: Mamihlapinatapei  :: Code:Breaker :: Hitomi/Sagashimono :: Pre Canon
5: Yuanfen :: Akatsuki no Yona :: Ao/Garou : Pre Canon
6: Forelsket :: Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic :: Mu/Kouen :: Pre Canon
7: Retrouvailles :: Tsuritama :: Haru/Akira :: Post Canon
8: Koi no Yokan :: Free! :: Makoto/Rin
9: La Douleur Exquise :: Donten ni Warau :: Naoto/Chuutarou :: Post Canon
10: Ilunga :: Rengoku ni Warau :: Tanba/Baren :: AU-ish

And that are those. Now, I'm gonna link this post at the table, choose another table and see if I can catch some Z's.
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Not actually claimed because I only fail miserably if I claim something, but this is the Top 10 Relationship Words that Aren't Translatable into English table from [livejournal.com profile] fc_smorgasbord, and I intend to use it for Multiple fandoms. Well, we'll see how it goes, shall we?

06.La Douleur Exquise07.Koi No Yokan08.Ya'aburnee09.Forelsket10.Saudade


With a directory for what prompt is what canon over here.
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Because it's a new year, I thought I'd do a count on how many comments I've posted with my character accounts. I'm curious to know how many comments I'll post in 2015. I'll just go with the in-game characters though, because it would be too many otherwise.

Alp | Daydream Nightmare | [personal profile] nachtmar | 2
Arisuin Mikuni | Servamp | [personal profile] abelchanlove | 140
Badr | Magi: AoS | [personal profile] adoringdaddy | 995
Bei Dou | Rampage | [personal profile] xuwu | 31
Butch Cassidy | Drifters | [personal profile] lovemguns | 735
Cheshire Cat | Are You Alice? | [personal profile] trickycat | 614
Dantalion | Makai Ouji | [personal profile] nephilimduke | 610
Dionysus Thyrsos | Kamigami no Asobi | [personal profile] fertilizer | 719
Eduard Markgraf | Meine Liebe | [personal profile] unehelichkind | 15
Fuuma Kotarou | Donten ni Warau | [personal profile] cruentare | 83
Habaki Chouza | Itsuwaribito Utsuho | [personal profile] poisonedclaws | 2155
J/Kanzaki Jun | Bloody Monday | [personal profile] sweetjoker | 143
Kumou Baren | Rengoku ni Warau | [personal profile] oneeyedmischief | 780
Kumou Kagemitsu | Utakata ni Warau | [personal profile] firstcloud | 183
Manji | Replica | [personal profile] akainu | 423
Midou Hokuto | Countdown 7 Days | [personal profile] sweetjoker | 277
Minori | Itsuwaribito Utsuho | [personal profile] funlovinggirl | 98
Mu Alexius | Magi: LoM | [personal profile] bardromh | 3'317
Oguna no Takeru | Susanoh | [personal profile] oguna -> [personal profile] echoprince | 1'218+428=1'646
Razol | Magi: LoM | 639
Shihoudou | Samurai Deeper Kyo | [personal profile] makigumo | 56
Takasu | Orenchi no Furo Jijou | [personal profile] octopot | 109
Yukihina | Code:Breaker | [personal profile] coldiceflower + [personal profile] frozenlife | 2'774+57=2'831
Zed | Code:Breaker | [personal profile] zedthehero -> [personal profile] eiketsu | 1'093+269=1'362

And that's that. Some characters has two journals because I switched or have two separate ones (though that's only for Yukihina who's in two games)

Besides that, I just finished updating my in-game muselist.
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