Jan. 2nd, 2017

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Before the new year goes on for any longer, I'm going to count the tags of my in-game muses. It's not very many this time around since I just dropped most of my games (though I'm intending to join new ones or refresh characters before playing them again), and insanejournal don't have a comment count thingy(?) as far as I know.

Azuma | Susanoh ~Sword of the Devil~ | [personal profile] sharpstring | 582
Juli Sieben | Senyuu. | [personal profile] dragonshift | 482
Jun "J" Kanzaki | Bloody Monday | [personal profile] sweetjoker | 1491-1213=278
Shu-Ten | Akatsuki no Yona | [personal profile] originalryokuryuu | 1183-149=1034

That's not a lot, specially when comparing to the amount of in-game muses I've had the previous two new years, but it also feels sort of refreshing so 乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ
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Since it's a new year and everything, I thought I'd made at least some resolutions for 2017. The one that I've been keeping this far is "write a drabble every day" though that's not saying much since it's only January the 2nd. And nine in the morning. I've written one thing today but it doesn't really fit into the drabble category - which I can't really get heads and tails of because some places says drabbles are exactly 100 words, others says they're around 1000. I'm gonna go with 1500 being the top word count I'll go for them, I've decided. They'll be posted here on my fanfic dreamwidth account and here on AO3.

Other than that, I've decided that I must rewatch Nobunaga the Fool and finish the fic for it that I started. I haven't written on it because I've been in need of a recap and I haven't rewatched it because I've been distracted. But I'll get around to it this year, definitely. I also want to finish my Meine Liebe fanfic Requiem and get a couple more of those smörgåsbord challenge prompts done.


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