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translation of Saiha's profile on Iinuma-sensei's blog.




back perspective = inside story

He's a person who will do anything Kuroha says - good or bad - without giving it a second thought.

Among Kuroha's three followers, Saiha was the one who held her in highest esteem, and he lived thereafter.
He only truly takes care of Kuroha, and considers her supreme.

He thinks that everything that Kuroha says is just.
No matter what appearance Kuroha takes, he will not change his opinion about it.

He recieved his name from Kuroha, who told him that he could use the surname "Amai" as well.
However, it was too awe-inspiring to use the same surname as Kuroha, so he only use the given name he recieved.
"Saiha" represents his feelings that he will always be at Kuroha's side as her blade.

In the past, it was his appearance that got him locked up.
Within both the Kuroha group and the Utsuho group, he is the most beautiful.

When it came down to it, he could not fight because of his inability to use a blade.

In the end he died together with Kuroha,
but as something akin to her shield, he might have been happy to have been together with Kuroha until the very end.

He was drinking buddies with Chouza.

There are times when he scolded Uzume for his stupid behaviour.
(Kuroha says that it is better to raise Uzume to be carefree, and that he is growing that way, so he doesn't scold him for that.)

When Utsuho claimed responsibility for the disappearance at Utsuryo-jima, Saiha glared at him
because he was angry that "he'll get in Kuroha's way"

Since then, he truly hated Utsuho, and if Kuroha had been swayed by Uzume,
and they had allied with Utsuho, he still would have hated Utsuho.
He might have been the most troublesome out of all of them.

Something like that~
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